10 Korean Street Foods To Try


Nambo Busan street food

South Korea is well-known for its tasty street food. Old ladies selling steaming, delicious dishes in the food stalls is a common sight in every Korean city. Busy locals usually grab street food on the go or stand at the stall eating and chatting with the vendor. We love Korean street food because it is good, cheap and easy.

There are many savory and sweet dishes to try in Korea. We list here ten famous dishes that everybody should eat at least once! Many dishes are deep-fried and topped with sugar but we allow these treats to ourselves every now and then.

1. Kimbap

The best thing first – kimbap is definitely our favorite Korean food! Kimbap is a seaweed roll filled with rice, vegetables and fish, meat or cheese. It looks like sushi but the taste is different. Unlike in sushi, the ingredients are not only raw. The vegetables are normally parboiled but still crispy. Kimbap is simply filling, healthy and delicious. That’s why we end up having it for dinner almost every night. Price 1.500-3.000 won.

Korean kimbab

2. Ddeokbokki

Soft rice and fish cakes in a red, spicy chili sauce. This is a dish to try especially for those who love spicy food. There are lots of differences in the spiciness. Sometimes you can feel a small hint of chilli and sometimes your mouth is burning for half an hour after eating – you never know before you try. Price 2.000-3.000 won.

Hiking Busan 6

3. Fish cake

Besides the ddeokbokki sauce, fish cakes are also served in long skewers. They are dipped in a sauce and eaten from the stick. Make sure to also try the hot broth where the fish cakes are stewed. It’s a free addition and full of flavor! Price 500-1.000 won per piece.

Busan street food

4. Twigim

This is a Korean version of tempura, deep-fried vegetables. Normally you pick as many pieces as you want on the plate and pay. Price 500-1.000 won per piece.

5. Corn dog

These deep-fried hod dogs are not the healthiest choice but worth trying at least once. Sometimes the corn dogs additionally have a crust made from french fries. The whole set is covered with sugar and ketchup or mustard. Double healthiness achieved 😀 if you don’t want added sugar, make sure to tell it to the vendor on time. Price 1.000-2.000 won.

Korean hot dog

6. Meat and chicken skewers

The meat is marinated with a sweet and savory sauce. The meat is tender and cut in ready-to-eat pieces. This is a good snack to take on the go. Price 2.000-3.000 won.

Korean meat skewer

7. Jeon

Korean savory pancakes are very popular and served both as street food and in restaurants. There are countlessly many version and the pancakes can be made basically from any vegetables and meat or seafood. We have tried jeon with carrots. One popular version is pajeon that has seafood in it. Price 2.000-3.000 won.

pajeon street food

8. Mandu

Korean dumblings filled with meat, tofu, green onion and spices. They can be served boiled or deep-fried. Price about 500 won per piece.

9. Hotteok

This is our favorite dessert. Hotteok is a thick pancake-like pastry filled with sweet cinnamon mixture, fried in oil and served with nuts and seeds. Served fresh and still steaming hot, this dish with blow your mind. 1.000-1.500 won.

Hottok Korean street food

10. Bungeoppang

Korean version of Japanese tayaki. The sweet, fish-shaped pastry is filled with sweet bean paste. This dish is also at its best when it’s fresh – crispy in the corners and soft in the middle, Price 1.000 won for 3 pieces.

street food osaka 2

What is your favorite Korean street food?


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