Six Months on the Road: Feelings, Numbers and Plans


It was exactly half a year ago when we grabbed our backpacks, went to the bus station and left behind everything that used to be our everyday life. We still remember that tickling feeling in the stomach when we were doing last minute packing and tried to prepare ourselves mentally for our new life (you can read about our first travel day here). We were almost sure that everything is too good to be true. Our flight to Japan probably doesn’t exist or is gonna be canceled.

When we were finally on the plane on the way to Hong Kong, we finally dared to believe that we weren’t just dreaming. Anyhow, back then we didn’t really understand what full-time traveling really would be and how much our lives were gonna change.

first travel dayThe beginning of our journey. Oh how pale we look!

Shibuya Tokyo 4
Tokyo goverment buidling 2
First days in Tokyo
Mount  fuji travel couple
Road tripping around Mount Fuji

Feelings after six months

Now, six months later, we are sitting in a guesthouse in Ho Chi Minh city where we just started doing volunteering. When we started our trip, it was hard to imagine where we would be half a year later. But here we are, still traveling and happier than ever.

Traveling is also pretty much like living in a wormhole: the time is passing so quickly that it’s hard to even believe.

During our travel, we have seen many amazing places and met lots of great people. We have learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We knew that traveling would be awesome but you actually never know how awesome it is before you experience it yourself. Traveling is also pretty much like living in a wormhole: the time is passing so quickly that it’s hard to even believe. Europe feels quite distant for us even though we miss many people there. And occasionally certain things like good wine and cheese, Finnish food and sauna. Even though the two last ones have been quite rare for us during the last three years anyway.

new year Gwangalli beach 3
New year in South Korea.
volunteering Busan South Korea
Volunteering in Busan.

There have been some difficult moments too and sometimes the things haven’t gone as planned. Traveling on a budget requires a certain attitude and sometimes we have asked ourselves why we are doing this (remembering those sleepless nights in McDonald’s in Japan). But when we got to see a new amazing place or met nice people while hitchhiking, we remembered again why traveling on a budget is so attractive. It’s about finding new experiences and crossing your limits. Overall, we have been very lucky in every aspect and didn’t have any accidents, injuries or lost anything.

We have noticed that traveling doesn’t really satisfy the wanderlust – it just makes it worse all the time!

Some people keep asking when we are going home. That is a very hard question and even harder is to answer where our home actually is. We have noticed that traveling doesn’t really satisfy the wanderlust – it just makes it worse all the time! The more we travel, the more we want to see. At the moment we feel like the whole world is our home and we could keep traveling forever. This is what we are made for.

Monkey island halong bay 2
Boat trip in Halong Bay.

Koh Tao snorkeling
Snorkeling on Koh Tao.

Koh Rong beach 2
A perfect beach on Koh Rong.

Bayon Angkor Wat
The gorgeous temples of Angkor Wat.

We are planning to write a post about how it is to travel as a couple. But summarized we can say that traveling together has been good for us and brought us closer to each other (especially after the stomach flu in a bungalow where the toilet had only half walls…). Even though we are basically together 24/7 and are arguing from time to time, traveling hasn’t brought us any relationship crisis, vice versa!

Six months traveling in numbers

This is how our six months traveling looks like in numbers. We have been traveling with a slow pace and spent a quite long time in each country. We are happy with our travel costs as the numbers don’t look bad at all!

    • 7 countries (counting Germany and Denmark on the way)
    • 47 cities
    • 3.300 USD per person
    • 7 flights
    • 10 ferry rides
    • 2500 km hitchhiking
    • 18 couchsurfing hosts
    • -10 kilos
    • 1 stomach bug
    • 0 stolen things (touching the wood)
    • too many sunburns
    • lots of happiness!

Six months traveling
Fin Nomads
A bit more tanned than six months ago.

Our next plans

We still feel like this is just a beginning of our journey and there are so many countries we still want to see. It impossible to say how long we will stay in Asia but after Vietnam we have at least Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Malesia, Philippines and Taiwan on our list. And maybe China, India and Nepal. Aaand… The list is never ending. At some point our travel might change its form and we probably need to find a job for a while but nobody knows where.

Writing this blog has been a great way to document our journey and share it with people. Sometimes writing is tiring because it’s time-consuming but most of the time we enjoy it. We want to thank all the readers that have read our stories during the last six months. And we are not running out of travel stories anytime soon!

Have you ever traveled for a long time or would you like to make a long trip?


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