Hue’s Secret Gem: Abandoned Waterpark Ho Thuy Tien


Dark stairways, glass shards, graffitis, creepy atmosphere and water slides blinking from the jungle. This is how Ho Thuy Tien in the outskirts of Hue is like.

We managed to cross out one more thing from our Vietnam bucket list when we had the chance to explore one of the unofficially most famous attractions in Hue. Instead of rushing to see Hue’s many temples that undoubtedly are gorgeous as well, we were more attracted by a sight that makes also many other backpackers travel to Hue.

Ho Thuy Tien is an abandoned waterpark that was closed soon after its opening in 2004 when the businesses went wrong from one reason or another. After that, the area has deteriorated but the waterpark has instead become a popular sightseeing spot among both Vietnamese and foreigners.

We arrived on the spot by motorbike and got to notice immediately that we were not the only visitors in this creepy place located in the middle of the forest. The waterpark had a guarded motorbike parking and many people taking pictures around. There is no entrance fee to the place but it’s just a question of the time when it will appear as the place seems to turn more and more popular all the time and is mentioned on many travel websites. Our friend who comes from Hue had visited the place last time many years ago and was also surprised by the amount of the people. If you want to experience the waterpark’s atmosphere without other tourists, you better go early in the morning.

ho thuy tien waterpark
Hue waterpark stairs
Hue waterpark stairs 2
Vietnam waterpark

The most popular object for photographing is the big aquarium building that is built into the shape of a dragon. The building looks dramatic against the grey sky and we were almost waiting if the dragon starts to spit fire from its open mouth.

Hue water park dragon
Vietnam Hue waterpark
Hue waterpark corridor
Hue waterpark shark
Hue abandoned waterpark 2

In all its fascination, the place is also somehow sad. All the aquarium glasses are broken into small shards and the walls have been filled with graffiti during the years. Why did they let such a nice place to get in so bad shape after using huge amounts of money to build it? Maybe it will be renovated someday and used again, who knows.

We continued our way next to the pond and found the actual water park area where children used to play and slide on the colorful water slides. Now the place has grown wild and there is only dark brown water, leaves and tree trunks in the swimming pools. The empty play fields and broken decoration statues create a horror movie kind of atmosphere. We could almost hear the kids’ laughter in our ears. You wouldn’t want to wander around here alone in the dark…

hue abandoned waterpark
Hue waterpark 2
Hue waterpark 3
Hue waterpark slides

Has anyone else visited this interesting but scary place?



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