5 Cheap Restaurants in Ubud


Ubud is a heaven not only for yoga and wellness fans, but also for health-conscious foodies. We decided to list our favorite restaurants in Ubud as we had time to try many places during our two-week stay.  Many people say that the price level in Ubud is higher than in many other Indonesian destinations. Indeed,  there are plenty of trendy and pricey raw food organic vegan cafes, but luckily also many cheap options are available! We also visited some more pricey restaurants a couple of times but in most of our favorite places, you can get a meal for $2 or less.

On Jalan Sukma street where our guesthouse was located, there are several good places to eat. The prices are cheaper than in many trendy places in the city center. Anyhow, we also found affordable and cozy places in the center. We ate only vegetarian food in Ubud even though we are not vegetarians. In Ubud if somewhere you get delicious vegetarian food so you won’t even crave for meat! We have developed a severe addiction for gado gado here in Indonesia so we ordered this salad with peanut sauce in almost every restaurant we visited.

Mama’s Warung

Jl. Tebesaya No. 29

cheap food ubud

Gado Gado 25.000 rupiahs

Nasi campur with tofu 22.000 rupiahs

Banana coconut smoothie 12.000 rupiahs

Mama’s Warung never disappointed us. The portions were not only tasty but also looked beautiful. The service was super friendly as well!

Warung Muslim Jawa timur

Jl. Sukma, Br. Rebesaya No. 11

cheap warung ubud

Vegetarian rice meal 10.000-15.000 rupiah

In this cheap warung, you can choose your side dishes with rice from the counter. A big portion with tofu, tempeh, vegetables and curry was very filling and cost less than a dollar.

Warung Betawi

Jl. Sukma Kesuma No.60-70

cheap ubud restaurants

Spicy gado gado salad 20.000 rupiahs

We visited this place so often that the owners greeted us every time with a laughter. Spicy gado gado was so amazingly good that we didn’t even consider trying other things from the menu. Here we definitely had the best gado gado during our trip in Indonesia! Don’t miss this place in Ubud.

Sawobali cake & coffee shop

Jl. Hanoman no. 73

cheap vege buffet ubud
vegan cake ubud

Gluten free vegan buffet 50.000 rupiahs

Cakes 25.000 rupiahs

We run into this vegan buffet already on our first day, and luckily we did! The place serves more than 10 warm dishes, accompanied with salads and other side dishes. All the food is so good that you cannot stop eating. On our second visit, Jarkko gave up only after the sixth plate… We tried the cakes another day as there is no space left for desserts after the buffet.

Dewa Warung

Jl. Gootama No. 13

Gado gado 22.000 rupiahs

Fruit juice 12.000 rupiahs

Black rice pudding 15.000 rupiahs

Despite its central location, this restaurant is very cozy, cheap and good and that’s why also very popular. We tried only gado gado (surprisingly) but also other dishes looked delicious. This is a good spot to observe the life on the vivid street and the wifi is also fast. Unfortunately, we forget to take a picture of the food.

Do you have favorite restaurants in Ubud?


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