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Today is the day when our Asia trip has come to its end for now. The feeling right now is a bit melancholic but also eager and excited. It sounds unbelievable that we have been traveling already more than 10 months! So far, we have backpacked in eight countries, volunteered, seen amazing places and paradise beaches and simply enjoyed the life. After this kind of long backpacking trip it’s easy to understand what it means when someone says that traveling changes people. We have learned a lot about ourselves and each other. During our travels, we have also kind of realized what we want from our future and what kind of life we want to live. In short, our trip has been fantastic so far!

We have spent the last month in Indonesia, and most of that time in Bali and Lombok. Even though we have been taking it easy during our whole 10-month trip, the time in Indonesia was definitely a climax to our relaxation! Especially in Ubud, we managed to achieve a perfectly calm zen state of mind that will hopefully stay with us also in the future. We will miss the feeling when the most difficult part of the day is to decide where to eat and should we drink pineapple or mango juice this time.

gili air boat
backpacking indonesia
gili air beach
lombok beach

Luckily, our trip is not over at all as we are heading to a new continent today. At the moment it looks like we will spend at least the next six months traveling and working in New Zealand. We have spent the last days handling all the practical stuff (that we always manage to leave to the last minute and cause unnecessary stress…) and shopping warmer clothes to replace our summer hippie outfits. Anyhow, we have spent most of the time preparing ourselves mentally and eating all the yummy foods, now when everything is still cheap. Eating out will stop completely once we get to New Zealand, and we need to start cooking at home instead. But we actually look forward to that a lot.

The biggest shocks in New Zealand will definitely be the high prices and coldness. Jumping from the Southeast Asian heat to 11 degrees and rain sounds depressing but on the other hand, fresh air without constant sweating sounds like a nice change. We will spend the first weeks volunteering in Auckland which will help us to get started with the new life and save on accommodation costs. Besides that, we will need to get all the everyday stuff organized, like open a bank account, get a tax number and look for jobs.

gili air traveling
gili air waiting boat
Korean food Kuala Lumpur

There is still plenty of stuff to write about Asia on the blog and we will also prepare tips for New Zealand once we get started ourselves. Now we will head to have the last meal in Malaysia and then go to the airport. Stay tuned!


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