Travel Budget Summary: Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia


We have written a budget summary about each country we have visited so far and now we only have the travel budgets for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia left. You can read our previous budget summaries here. We tried to stick to our budget goal which means a daily budget less than 20 euros. This hasn’t caused any problems in other Asian countries so far. That’s why we believed that we could reach the goal quite easily also in these countries. As before, all the costs are given per person and converted from the local currency.

Travel budget Malaysia

melaka night market

Duration: 16 days
Costs per person: 247,55 €
Food & drinks: 89,60 €
Accommodation: 59,70 €
Transportation: 17,80 €
Entertainment (bar): 18,90 €
Others (clothes, cosmetics etc.): 13 €
Flight from Vietnam to Malaysia: 48,50 €
Daily budget incl. flight: 15,45 €
Daily budget without a flight: 12,45 €

The main focus of our trip to Malaysia was definitely good food. We were so excited about Malaysian food after staying for so long in Vietnam that we took everything out from the cheap and good selection. The food in Malaysia is anyhow so cheap that if you eat in decently priced restaurants and food stalls, you won’t spend much even on a multi-course dinner. In our favorite Indian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, a breakfast with coffees normally cost less than 1 euro each even though we sometimes ordered food twice. Outside the capital, the food was even cheaper and we got to enjoy the Malaysian food culture with our full hearts (and stomachs) in Ipoh, Penang and Melaka. We also got hooked to McDonalds’ soft cones that cost only 20 cents, oops…

Lok Lok Ipoh market
Red garden food penang

Hostel accommodation is cheap in Malaysia and we slept the whole trip in under 5 euro hostels and two nights in our friend’s house. Moving around by bus wasn’t too expensive either as the most expensive bus trip from Penang to Kuala Lumpur cost 8 euros in an air-conditioned and comfy bus.

We can’t remember visiting any non-free attraction as walking around in cities and free places were more than enough for us. We went out only in Georgetown where we spent some nights enjoying a cheap beer after we found an affordable and original street bar. Apart from that place, alcohol was quite pricey compared to the price level.

Singapore travel budget

cheap food singapore

Duration: 3 days
Costs per person: 38,80 €
Food & drinks: 20,05 €
Accommodation: 0 €
Transport: 12,95 €
Entertainment (beer): 3,25 €
other shopping: 2,65 €
Daily budget: 12,95 €

In Singapore, we had a 3-day stopover before flying to Indonesia. Even though we were a bit afraid of the prices in Singapore, the fear turned out to be unnecessary as we easily managed with a small budget. Thanks for this belong to our couchsurfing host who hosted us for two nights and brought us to cheap local eateries. There is plenty of free stuff to do in Singapore so there is no need to spend money on attractions. We have written our budget tips to Singapore already before.

Indonesia travel budget

hindu statue bali

Duration: 26 päivää
Costs per person: 443 €
Food & drink: 158,10 €
Accommodation: 117,75 €
Transport: 48,45 €
Entertainment & trips (motorbikes, bars, snorkeling): 26,80 €
Others (shopping etc): 33,35 €
Flight from Singapore to Vietnam: 58,45 €
Daily budget incl. flight: 17 €
Daily budget without flight: 14,80 €

Our goal in Indonesia was to eat healthy as a counterbalance to the fiesta in Malaysia, and of course lay on paradise beaches. Johanna wanted to invest some extra for yoga and paid 40 euros extra for a five-class yoga card and a yoga mat. We made a 1-day trip to Bromo volcano but avoided paying the entrance fee to the national park. Additionally, we rented a motorbike and a snorkeling mask twice in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a very affordable travel destination too but according to our experience, it is also a country where you need to fight about the prices a lot and all the time. You get constantly asked for overprices and some people seem to be professional especially in bus scams. On the other hand, by being patient and bargaining hard, you can also get a good discount on transport and accommodation. We spent the whole month in different homestays. The most expensive accommodation was a, with our standards, luxury-class accommodation on Gili Air that cost 12 euros per night.

vege lunch rasta cafe

In Indonesia, we spoiled ourselves regularly with fresh fruit juices and smoothies and especially in Ubud, sat in cafes and a few times and a few times even in slightly more expensive restaurants. Especially toward the end of the month, we realized that these would be the last laid-back travel days before traveling to New Zealand and starting to look for jobs. That’s why we spent a good while lazing in the beach restaurants in Gili Air, watching the sea and snorkeling. On Jarkko’s birthday, we went for pizzas and had drinks in a beach reggae bar.

So eventually, we survived easily with under 20 euros per day in every country. Staying in the travel budget doesn’t even take any effort anymore but happens automatically. And still, we can afford to treat ourselves a bit every day and we definitely don’t feel like we lived on a minimum budget. We left our last 3-day trip to Kuala Lumpur out and didn’t calculate anything there as we felt like we had deserved that after 10 months of calculating and controlling.

We will summarize all the travel costs for 10 months in a separate post soon and also make some thoughts about budgeting a backpacking trip to Asia.


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