Asia Backpacking Trip as Insta Pictures: Part 1


While looking back on our awesome backpacking trip in Asia, we browsed our Instagram pictures that we have taken on the way. There are lots of nice memories and cool places connected with these pictures so we decided to share some of our favorite shots also here on the blog. Here is some eye candy for those who don’t follow Insta. If you want to see more of our pictures, you can find us on Instagram with the name @fin_nomads. We split the post into two parts so that there wouldn’t be a picture overload. In the first part, we share pics from Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Cambodia.

The night views and big city vibes of Tokyo made an indelible impression to us. Japan was the first country we visited in Asia and it was a great place to start our trip indeed. On the way, we saw many many beautiful temples and gorgeous autumn colors. One of the most beautiful landscapes was on Kurushima Kaikyo bridge that we crossed later by hitching a ride from a local truck driver.


In South Korea we lost our hearts to Busan where we ended up spending six weeks and doing volunteering. Busan has various landscapes from mountains to beautiful beaches, skyscrapers and the colorful village of Gamcheon. One of the best experiences was the New Year. We celebrated with a group of friends until the morning and went to the beach to see the sunrise with hundreds of other people. We spotted the couple dressed in traditional costumes while doing sightseeing in Gyeongju. Korean food was great as well, even though our diet was pretty much based on noodles and meat. Korean barbeque places called our names many times while we were in Korea.

In Thailand, we finally got to spend proper beach life for the first time. We relaxed on paradise islands and got to know the interesting world of snorkeling. During our one-month trip, we also managed to see many gorgeous sunsets besides all the beaches.


One of the most memorable experiences in Cambodia was definitely visiting Angkor Wat temples. Our day started already at 4 AM when we grabbed the bicycles and drove to see the sunrise at the temples. Then again, our long awaited trip to Koh Rong turned into a nightmare when we both caught a tough stomach bug. Eventually, we managed to enjoy the island and explore the beaches on the last days though. We visited some cool caves in Kep and observed the local life before continuing to Vietnam.

More pics of Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia coming soon!



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