Asia Backpacking Trip as Insta Pictures: Part 2


Today we continue summarizing our trip using Insta pictures. Check out the first part here. This time, we had a look at travel photos from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. If you aren’t following us on Instagram yet, you can find us with username @fin_nomads.

We found an awesome skybar in the middle of District 1 today πŸ‘Œ very nice food, service and night view!

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Lonely dragon in the abandoned water park.

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Vietnam turned out to be our ultimate favorite destination in Southeast Asia. As we spent more than three months in there, also the number of pictures is pretty significant. More than one month passed quickly while enjoying the big city vibes of Ho Chi Minh. After that, we bought a motorbike and headed toward the north. The trip included amazing mountain and ocean landscapes, authentic Vietnamese countryside and also some interesting moments with the motorbike. Motorbiking in Vietnam was definitely the coolest thing we have done on our Asia trip! Other memorable things were, among others, the abandoned waterpark in Hue where we went to shoot some photos.

Another casual breakfast πŸ˜‹

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During our two weeks in Malaysia, we concentrated on essential things which means good food. We tried Indian as well as Chinese specialties and local delicacies of different cities. After chaotic Vietnam, we enjoyed the clean and modern atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur. In Penang, we admired cool street art that can be found at every corner, besides eating of course.

Our three-day visit to Singapore was short but very enjoyable. We got to eat at affordable food stalls and do all the free sightseeing with our local guide. As we happened to be there on Singapore’s national day, we got to watch the fireworks and amazing night viewsΒ on a rooftop terrace of a skyscraper. We spent the last night at the modern Changi airport where it’s easy to kill time with all the free activities.

Our one-month adventure in Indonesia highlighted our whole Asia trip. We climbedΒ Bromo volcano to see the sunrise and spent two weeks in Ubud living relaxed and healthy life. On Lombok, we found dreamy beaches without tourist crowds. We also had time to spend a few days chilling on Gili Air paradise island.

The backpacking trip left us with lots of great memories and it’s nice to come back to them again and again. Read also our previous post where we reflect how long-term traveling has changed us.


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