Budget Summary: How Much Does 10 Months in Asia Cost


How much does backpacking in Asia cost and what kind of daily budget should you prepare for the trip? Many people who plan a trip to Asia look for answers to these questions. The daily budget depends a lot on your travel preferences but at the cheapest, you can easily travel Asia for less than 20 euros per day. In this article, you will find out how much we spent on our backpacking trip to Asia and what our average daily budget was.

We have shared budget summaries from each country already during our trip but we summarized here all the travel costs from every country and calculated the final costs of our backpacking trip. Our trip to Asia last 10 months and 9 days altogether. During this time, we traveled in eight countries (that included two times in Vietnam). In our earlier budget summaries, we analyzed the costs of each country in detail so we will just concentrate on summarizing the whole travel budget here.

Thanks to its affordability, Southeast Asia is a great destination to start backpacking. You don’t need to have huge savings to travel there. The flights inside Asia are very cheap and our most expensive flight cost only 58 euros per person. It is also easy to travel Southeast Asia without too much planning. We rarely booked an accommodation beforehand and even if we did, that was only on the same or previous day. The accommodations that cannot be found online are often also the cheapest ones. And when you walk into the places directly on the spot, you can bargain some extra discount.

Mawun beach Lombok

So let’s go through our travel budgets in different countries. In the end, we will summarize the whole trip’s costs and the daily budget and make some thoughts about it. All the costs are given per person like in the previous budget summaries.


Read the previous budget summary here.

Duration: 42 days
Costs per person: 878,60 €
Flight Copenhagen – Tokyo: 209,20 €
Others (food, accommodation, entertainment, transport): 670 €
Daily budget incl. flight: 20,92 €
Daily budget excl. flight: 15,90 €

Kyoto Japanese kimono

South Korea

Read the previous budget summary here.

Duration: 62 days
Costs per person: 861 €
Flight Osaka – Busan: 50,20 €
Transport between cities: 16,75 €
Others (Food, drinks, entertainment, transport): 727,14 €
Daily budget incl. flight: 13,90 €
Daily budget excl. flight: 13,10 €

Jeonju on budget 4


Read the previous budget summary here.

Duration: 11 days
Costs per person: 180,75 €
Flight Seoul – Hai Phong: 48,50 €
Accommodation: 25,10 €
Transport between cities: 14,20 €
Others (food, drinks, entertainment, transport): 92,05 €
Daily budget incl. flight: 16,45 €
Daily budget excl. flight: 11,90 €

Monkey island halong bay 5


Read the previous budget summary here.

Duration: 27 days
Costs per person: 339 €
Food & drinks: 154,80 €
Accommodation: 86,20 €
Transport: 36,80 €
Entertainment (bar): 18,90 €
Others (trips, shopping): 33,50 €
Flight Hai Phong – Bangkok: 27,60 €
Daily budget incl. flight: 12,55 €
Daily budget excl. flight: 11,45 €

Koh Phangan biking


Read the previous budget summary here.

Duration: 31 days
Costs per person: 395,80 €
Visa: 25,10 €
Food & drinks: 170,70  €
Accommodation: 78,65 €
Transport: 48,55 €
Entertainment (bar): 18,90 €
Others (trips, shopping): 72,80 €
Daily budget: 12,75 €

Angkor Wat gate


Read the previous budget summary here.

Duration: 89 days
Costs per person: 765 €
Visa: 45,50 €
Food & drinks: 274,74 €
Accommodation: 127,22 €
Transport: 15,47 €
Flight Phu Quoc-Saigon: 28 €
Motorbiking: 64,45 €
Entertainment (trips, museums, bars): 123,49 €
Others (shopping, cosmetics etc.): 85,86 €
Daily budget: 8,59 €



Read the previous budget summary here.

Duration: 16 days
Costs per person: 247,55 €
Food & drinks: 89,60 €
Accommodation: 59,70 €
Transport: 17,80 €
Entertainment (bar): 18,90 €
Others (clothes, cosmetics etc.): 13 €
Flight Vietnam – Malaysia: 48,50 €
Daily budget incl. flight: 15,45 €
Daily budget excl. flight: 12,45 €

Ipoh temple pond


Read the previous budget summary here.

Duration: 3 days
Costs per person: 38,80 €
Food & drinks: 20,05 €
Accommodation: 0 €
Transport: 12,95 €
Entertainment (beers): 3,25 €
Shopping: 2,65 €
Daily budget: 12,95 €

singapore budjettivinkit


Read the previous budget summary here.

Duration: 26 days
Costs per person: 443 €
Food & drinks: 158,10 €
Accommodation: 117,75 €
Transport: 48,45 €
Entertainment & trips (motorbike, bars, snorkeling): 26,80 €
Others (shopping etc.): 33,35 €
Flight Singapore – Indonesia: 58,45 €
Daily budget incl. flight: 17 €
Daily budget excl. flight: 14,80 €

Kuta beach Lombok

Whole trip’s costs

Duration: 307 days
Flights: 470,85 €
Travel preparation (travel insurance + vaccinations): 251 € + 84 €
All costs per person (incl. travel preparation): 4484,50 €
Daily budget incl. flights (without travel preparation): 13,60 €
Daily budget excl. flights (without travel preparation): 12,00 €

Altogether, our average daily budget with flights was 13,60 euros. As a monthly budget, this makes about 410 euros. Not bad! With this kind of budget, a 3-month backpacking trip to Asia would cost only 1200 euros without a return flight. It’s quite easy to save this amount in half a year if you put aside 200 euros per month.

We didn’t summarize the food, accommodation or other single costs for the whole trip as we didn’t track the costs so detailed in Japan and South Korea. Therefore the result wouldn’t have been very realistic. The total price of the flights includes flights from Copenhagen to Tokyo and six flights inside Asia. When flying in Asia, we used budget airlines and traveled with hand luggage. You can find our tips to traveling with hand luggage only in this post.

Kampot sunset 3

If we look at each country’s average budget without flights, our cheapest travel country was definitely Vietnam where we spent only 8,59 euros per day each. The biggest daily budget was in Japan where we spent 15,90 euros per day each. This makes sense as we found Vietnam the cheapest country in Asia and Japan the most expensive.

Before the trip, we didn’t make any bigger investments besides the vaccinations and we didn’t need to buy new backpacks. Read more about our travel preparations and packing here. We found an affordable travel insurance via an international insurance company Truetraveller*. More info about buying a cheap travel insurance is coming to the blog next week!

We will also write separately some tips about what it takes to travel with such a small budget and how we managed to do it.


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2 thoughts on “Budget Summary: How Much Does 10 Months in Asia Cost

  1. Wow, nice summary! You have really managed to keep the costs on low level in a long run. This post surely will inspire others who are planning to travel few months (or longer) in SEA, but are worrying about the budget.

    Surely there are as many budgets as there are travelers, but usually the most memorable moments are not depended on the budget at all. Like those plastic-chair-dinners in street food stalls with locals; dirty cheap but oh so authentic and delicious! OK, now this makes me longing for a flight to Asia… 😀

    1. Thank you! That’s exactly what we hope, to inspire other people to travel and show that it doesn’t need to be super expensive 🙂 And you are right, the best experiences we had didn’t cost much money. You guys need to head to Asia at some point too, you will love it 😉

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