Fin Nomads Turns One Year Old – 10 Most Popular Posts


When we think back on the last year, we can only say that oh, the time is just flying. It was exactly one year ago when we left for a big adventure into the unknown with our backpacks. At the same time, also this travel blog has its 1st birthday.

And there have been lots of adventures during the last year indeed! We have, for example, hitchhiked around Japan, volunteered in South Korea, enjoyed the paradise beaches of Southeast Asia and motorbiked through Vietnam. We wouldn’t have believed a year ago that one year later, we are working in New Zealand – in a country that didn’t belong to our travel plans at all.

Anyway, we can say that the last year has been an amazing travel year and we are thankful for all the new things we have got to experience!

Singapore backpacking
Fin Nomads

Besides traveling, this blog has also become a remarkable part of our lives. We didn’t have any plan or goal regarding the blog but we have fallen into it so deeply that we have even got own websites for us. In one year, the number of unique readers has grown from zero to over 3.000 per month. We have written 120 articles and the blog has over 31.000 page views altogether (we don’t have data about the first month because we didn’t even know about that kind of thing). We have also been on the top 10 list of Finnish travel blogs on the website for a while which has been really surprising to us.

In the beginning, we updated this blog only in English but last spring we decided to translate all the post into Finnish as well and started blogging in two languages. Translating the articles was quite a lot of work but it was worth it. Writing in Finnish has been very nice and thanks to that, also Finnish readers have found their way to our blog after that.

Fin Nomads blogi
Angkor wat

We have enjoyed updating and sharing our travel life and budget tips. Every positive comment has made us continue writing, even though sometimes we just wanted to give up. Thank you for that! Writing a blog takes surprisingly a lot of time so if we didn’t like it, we probably wouldn’t have continued doing it this long. We didn’t know anything about blogging first so we had to learn all the basic things from uploading the photos to using blog platforms.

We are still eager to continue blogging and won’t be running out of topics anytime soon. That’s why we are planning to develop this blog further. A while ago, we opened a new Flight deal site in Finnish where we update cheap flights around the world. To celebrate the anniversary, we also treated ourselves with a new camera which will surely help us to get more high-quality content on the blog! Until now all the pictures on our blog were taken with phone cameras or with the not so good action camera. This is our first real camera so now we need to learn a totally new skill, photographing.

We collected here 10 most popular posts of our blogging history. We summed the amount the views of English and Finnish articles as it’s mostly different posts that are popular in Finnish than in English.

1. Travel Cat Ba Island on a Budget

halong bay boat trip

2. How to Travel Long-Term with Hand Luggage Only


3. Travel Budget Summary: 6 Months in Asia

Siem reap market

4. Budget Summary: Three Months of Backpacking in Vietnam

budget travel Vietnam

5. How to Travel Cheaply in South Korea: Top Budget Tips

budget tips south korea

6. A Guide to Obtaining Vietnam Visa


7. Budget Sum Up: How Much Does 4 Months Traveling in Asia Cost

Monkey island halong bay

8. Jeonju on a Budget: What to See, Do and Eat

Jeonju on budget 7

9. 5 Reasons that Keep You Back from Traveling

fearistemporary travel

10. 4+1 Good Hiking Places in Busan

Jangsan hike Busan

Many thanks to all the readers and followers who have stayed with us and made our day with all the nice comments! Now, we would be very thankful for all feedback how we could develop our blog in the future and what kind of topics you want us to write about. You can leave a comment below or write us a message on Facebook.


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