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While traveling, you spend countlessly many hours sitting in different vehicles and commuting from place to place. How to spend all that spare time if watching the landscapes becomes boring at some point? As we travel lightly, we cannot really carry books with us. And to be honest, we are both quite lazy at reading anyway. When we are on the road, we normally entertain ourselves with downloaded music, tv series and Candy Crush (hehe).

Anyhow, a few months ago, we suddenly realized that we could actually spend all this spare time in a bit more constructive way. Johanna found the audiobook application BookBeat via other blogs and started a free trial period. The first audiobook got her completely hooked and Johanna tried to convince Jarkko to listen along as well. After hearing a part of the book it turned out that Jarkko got addicted too and wanted to listen to the whole book from the beginning. And there was no going back after that. Even Jarkko who has never read more than two books in his whole life listened through five audiobooks during the first month.


So far, we have listened to BookBeat regularly while traveling and at home and we have listened through many many books already. Listening to audiobooks is a great option for traditional reading because you can do it simultaneously with other stuff. Besides traveling from place to place, we listen to audiobooks while walking, exercising, cooking at home, in the evening before sleeping and, in case of Jarkko, even at work. When we did volunteering, weeding in the garden was really nice activity when accompanied by interesting stories.

We have mostly listened to different biographies and educational self-help books but BookBeat also offers novels for relaxing. We have found a big bunch of inspiring books that are not only entertaining but also teach you a lot. Thanks to BookBeat, we currently have a crazy travel fever for Russia after listening to funny stories of a Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo.

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The BookBeat application is available for the phone and it has a good selection of books in English. We listen to audiobooks both in English and Finnish. There are lots of new books as well as classics available. You can also download audiobooks and listen to them offline.

It is easy to find interesting books on BookBeat as the books are clearly categorized. BookBeat also recommends you books and you can browse for example the most read books or interesting newcomers. You can adjust the speed of the speech to slower or faster. Johanna normally changes the speed to 1,25x faster in order to listen more in a short time.

We are glad to offer our readers a free 2-week trial to BookBeat! There is no notice period in the contract and you can quit anytime during the trial or after it. If you want to continue with BookBeat after the 2-week trial, the service costs 16,90 euros per month. You can sign up for the free BookBeat trial via this link*!

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How does BookBeat work

  1. Create an account on BookBeat websites*. The 2-week trial starts with the registration.
  2. Download BookBeat app from App Store or Google Play store.
  3. Listen and read to books as much as you want. You can choose the ones you like from thousands of books.

We also listed some of our favorite books that we can recommend to anyone! We left out the Finnish books that are not available in English.

Greg McKeown: Essentialism

This book tells about how eliminating unnecessary stimuli from the life and concentrating on only one goal at a time can increase your success and wellbeing. The book uses success stories of corporate bosses and athletes as examples and is a great inspiration i.e. for improving your time management skills.

Charles Duhigg: The Power of Habit

The book concentrates on how important the habits and routines are and how they can be changed. Also this book uses interesting success stories as examples and the themes are partly similar to the ones in Essentialism.

Bookbeat 2

Paulo Coelho: The Alchemist

This is a very famous classic that tells a deep and educational story about a Spanish shepherd who goes to look for a treasure at the pyramids in Egypt. The story catches the reader (or listener) completely and includes lots of wisdom about life.

Thich Nhat Hanh: Peace Is Every Breath

We got to know this Vietnamese Buddhist monk originally in Hue where we visited a local pagoda and watched this guy’s lesson from the screen. On this visit, we also got a printed version of the book as a gift. Even though the book is short, it is full of wise thoughts and good life lessons. It tells i.e. about the importance of mindfulness in everyday life.

David Lagercrantz: I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This book shares the interesting life story of football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The story tells how his relentless and straightforward style got him to challenging situations already as a young boy in Malmö FF and later in big clubs like Ajax and Inter. The book is a great story about willpower.

George R.R. Martin: A Game of Thrones series

This is a must thing to listen for every Game of Thrones fan. The book series lasts as long as 34 hours. When you listen to this piece, the time just flies by. That’s the reason why Jarkko has recently listened to it even while working.

Bookbeat audiobook

What is your favorite entertainment while traveling?


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