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We have soon been living already two months in New Zealand but haven’t told so much how it actually is in here. That’s why we thought we will just write a bit about our life and how we are doing.

Our new life has started very well in here and moving to New Zealand with a working holiday visa was very simple. Our plan is to stay in New Zealand until next spring and work a few months in Auckland to gather more money for our future travels. After that, we will get on the road again and travel around New Zealand for a few months.

Mount Eden Auckland view

We spent the first two weeks here in New Zealand doing volunteering. Then we left with our backpacks and went to the city center of Auckland in order to get our new life started. Our goal was to find a job for both and an affordable place to live as soon as possible. And we did find a well-priced room just in one day in the middle of the city. We also managed to arrange work for us in about one week.

At the moment, we live with two flatmates in a small but cozy apartment that is not only well located but also cheap. There is even a small gym in the building so we don’t need to spend money for going to the gym! Additionally, Jarkko has found the local floorball club where he goes to play whenever he has free time from work. We have adapted well to the life with flatmates as we are already used to living in hostels

We both caught a cold right after arriving in New Zealand. In Johanna’s case it was so tough that required more than a month and a few antibiotics to go away. Maybe it’s the cooler climate or just bad luck, but now we are luckily finally healthy again.

Hunua waterfalls
Devonport Auckland beach

Currently, Johanna works in a restaurant and Jarkko does construction work. We were looking for jobs with the attitude that we accept the first reasonable offer in order to earn money – for what else than traveling. In New Zealand, it is easy to find work just by going on the spot and ask directly or by getting contacts and giving a call. The atmosphere in Auckland is very international and we also have workmates around the world.

Most of our time currently goes at work and with everyday stuff. The life on the other side of the world is not that much different than anywhere else but of course a new country and culture (or in case of Auckland, the cultures, as it is so international in here) make everyday life more interesting. Unfortunately we don’t have much common free time as Jarkko is working early mornings on the weekdays and Johanna again mostly in the evenings and weekends. This has been a big change after being so closely together for one year. We got so attached to each other during our travels that sometimes we miss each other already after one day 🙂 Luckily we have also got to spend some time together and have explored Auckland both together and separately. Yesterday we went to see Hunua waterfalls, some beaches and nice landscapes in Waitawa park.

Working holiday travel New Zealand
Hunua falls Auckland

When we came here, we already had some friends here that we had met while traveling. Therefore the social life in here has been quite good as well. One of the best parts of traveling is meeting nice people and then seeing then again somewhere totally else! We have spent time for example with our Mexican and German friends who we both met last winter in South Korea. We also shortly met up with one local guy who we met one year ago in a random cellar bar in Ukraine and a bit later also in Poland.

We have got to know new people too on Couchsurfing meetings that are organized here once a week. Wednesday is a student party day in many bars and thanks to that, you can get a beer even for 2 euros. Going out isn’t always super expensive in here but most of the time, the prices are quite same as in Finland.

New Zealand Auckland Waitawa
Auckland city view

It starts to be summer in Auckland and in good days the temperature goes up to 20 degrees. We will definitely spend a lot of time outside and in different events that are apparently plenty here in Auckland. So we have a busy but nice summer ahead of us!

It has been nice to settle down for a while after all the traveling. Anyhow, we have already new travel plans as well. We are going to spend the next summer in Finland but flying there directly from New Zealand would be way too boring for us. That’s why we are currently planning our travel route back to Europe and Finland next spring. We will see what we end up doing as our ideas and plans tend to change about twice a day.

So everything good here on the other side of the world! How is your Monday going?


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