Sightseeing Around Auckland


Even though we spend most of our time here in Auckland working and earning cash for traveling, we have also had some time to do sightseeing and see new places. Both of us normally have Sundays off so we have tried to use our free time well and see something new every week. Until now we have been driving around Auckland with our friends, but now we also have an own car!

Getting around in Auckland is expensive and difficult without an own car, especially if you work outside the city center. We managed to find a good deal and will need the car later anyway for traveling around New Zealand so it was a good choice to buy it now.

Auckland city center itself might not be the most attractive place but there are lots of cool things to see outside the city. During the last weeks, we have been traveling around Auckland and visited i.e. Devonport, Piha beach and Hunua Falls. We will gather later more tips about day trips that you can do from Auckland. Anyway, here are some pictures we have captured with our new camera during the last weeks.

Duder park Auckland
Hunua falls
Piha beach New Zealand
New Zealand landscape
Piha beach Auckland
View cafe Auckland
Duder park
Piha beach view
Auckland beach Duder
Auckland park
Devonport sunset


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