Our Travel Tattoos and Tattoo Inspiration

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We are both people who like tattoos so we started to think how traveling is visible in our tattoos as well. Both of us have some travel tattoos besides other tattoos.

Jarkko has had a world map on his arm already for a few years reminding about his passion for traveling. A world map on the arm has also turned out to be quite handy on the road as we can always show where we are from when we meet new people. Not everyone knows where Finland is or then there might be a language barrier. Before our Asia trip we noticed though that Japan was missing completely on Jarkko’s map. Luckily he managed to add it there and it was definitely worth it as his tattoo got lots of attention in Japan.

Johanna again has a compass indicating directions on her upper back. She wanted to take it to bring good luck for travels before we started our long trip. It has seemed to work very well by now as we have never got really lost or been otherwise unlucky while traveling (touching the wood).


We have taken all our tattoos in Hungary and Poland. The tattoo prices in these countries are remarkably lower than in Finland. Especially Budapest is full of high-quality tattoo shops so you don’t need to settle for a bad quality even though the price is affordable.

Even though the tattoo fever often hits suddenly and you want to realize your new idea as quickly as possible, it’s wise to always think twice before taking a tattoo. This holds true especially when you are traveling. After the travel haze has faded, you might notice that that stamp you took in a filthy studio in sunny Thailand while you were a bit tipsy wasn’t maybe the best idea after all… You also take especially good care of the tattoo in hot and sunny conditions.

We think that travel tattoos are a great souvenir and they remind of the constant travel lifestyle. A tattoo doesn’t take space in the backpack and it always travels with you. Maybe it also brings some good luck for the travels. We always tend to get new tattoo ideas when we travel in new countries. We will probably put some new ink to remind of our last years’ adventures when we get back to Europe.

Tattoos inspired by traveling don’t always need to be directly connected with travel themes. A travel tattoo can also be something totally different than a world map or a compass. A tattoo taken on the trip can remind of different places and things you have experienced. Most of our tattoos remind us somehow of different life phases. As a memory of the years that we spent in Poland, Johanna has some traditional Polish flowers on her ankle and Jarkko has one of the wall art figures from Krakow inked on his leg.

We collected here a couple of cool travel tattoo ideas from Instagram. This definitely awakens our tattoo fever again!

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Do you have any travel tattoos or would you like to take one?


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