Vietnamese Wedding Photoshoot and Barbeque Night


This Sunday we have a bit different blog content to share! Before anyone gets too excited, we must tell that no, we haven’t got secretly married in Vietnam 😀 But due to many coincidences, we ended up in an extraordinary situation that led us to spend a day posing as an overly sweet wedding couple. At the same time we also got a bunch of nice pictures as a memory for ourselves.

When we were in Da Nang, we got to know a Vietnamese photographer in our volunteering place that asked us if we would like to be models in a small photoshoot one day. The fellow worked in a local photography studio and wanted to have foreigners in a photoshoot for some reason. We thought, oh well why not, so we agreed to go.

We thought they just want to shoot a few pictures in a studio an that’s it. But oh, how wrong we were. When our friend brought us to the studio on the photo shoot day, there were a makeup artist as well as a white dress and a suit and a photographer crew of 8 people waiting for us. They wanted to take wedding pictures of us! At this point, we got a bit frightened to be honest. We are definitely not used to pose in front of a camera, not to even mention eight cameras, but now it was too late to run away.

Johanna’s day started with a two-hour makeup and hairdo session while Jarkko was napping on the couch. After getting ready we were told that the photoshoot won’t be in the studio but somewhere else. We had to try to put the helmet carefully on Johanna’s hairdo and a mask to protect the makeup. Then the whole crew hopped on motorbikes and we started to drive away from Da Nang city center. At some point we realized that we are actually on the way to Monkey Mountain.

After cruising on the serpentine roads and a steep sandy road we arrived to a small countryside house and left our bikes there. We were greeted by a pig family that wandered around in the nearby woods. After a short walk we found ourselves at the seaside. The coastline was surrounded by impressive rocks and the landscape was beautiful overall. We also noticed that we were not the only people out there as there were some real wedding couples taking their pictures. So we had apparently arrived at a popular wedding photo shoot spot.

Next it was time for the photo shoot and posing itself. And we did pose indeed. The whole photo crew was totally excited about us and our friend, who was the only one speaking English, shouted us directions all the time. We tried to follow them as well as we could. We climbed on the sharp rocks and stretched from a pose to another. Jarkko was borrowing dress shoes that he could fit into his feet only halfway. Just when we thought that we are done, we were asked to change the position again. The place was admittedly very beautiful for taking pictures so we didn’t mind staying there at all. But we must say that modeling is a pretty tough job!

Picture: Viet Nguyen Studio, Da Nang
Picture: Viet Nguyen Studio, Da Nang
Picture: Viet Nguyen Studio, Da Nang
Picture: Viet Nguyen Studio, Da Nang
Picture: Viet Nguyen Studio, Da Nang
Our poses were not that successful in every photo. Picture: Viet Nguyen Studio, Da Nang

After a whole day of photo shooting, everyone was thirsty and hungry. Too bad that we were in the middle of nowhere though. Then someone from the crew walked to the nearby house and returned with a beer case. A few other fellows started to light a bonfire and our friend told that they had bought chicken for the barbeque from the house. Some guys also paddled in the shallow water and came back with hands full of oysters. The seafood won’t definitely get any fresher than this!

grilling oysters
Picture: Viet Nguyen Studio, Da Nang

There was no hint of chicken even after a long wait. We were laughing that maybe they went to slaughter them. As we are in Vietnam, this joke turned out to be actually true as the house owners soon brought us two whole plucked chicken… While the sun went down, we sat together around the bonfire and ate chicken and oysters with warm beer. We had a tiring but interesting day behind us. Sometimes you just run into very random situations while traveling!

We decided to share these pictures here just for fun and because we rarely manage to look as representative as in these shots. And it is kind of handy to have the wedding pictures ready waiting for the future 😀


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