Northland: Roadtrip to the Northernmost Part of New Zealand


We kick-started our new travel year right away on the first day by making some travel plans and buying a bunch of flights. Besides that, it was also time for this year’s first trip already on the next day. We packed a tent, sleeping bags and food to our car and headed toward Northland, the northernmost part of New Zealand. If a travel year starts this well, it cannot turn out to be anything but awesome!

This was our first proper trip outside Auckland in New Zealand. That’s why we were very excited about seeing new places after staying 3 months in Auckland. It is quite a long time to stay in one place for travel addicts like us.

Mangawhai heads
Roadtrip North New Zealand

We started to drive without any specific plans as the weather looked unstable and we didn’t know if we could sleep in the tent or not. Our goal was to go through some gorgeous places in the northern part of New Zealand and try to make it all the way to the north cape.

Eventually, we were quite lucky with the weather. Even though it was raining too, we avoided getting wet with our cheap tent that doesn’t even have any kind of rain cover. The sun seemed to appear every time we got out of the car to see places. After we sat down in the car again, the rain was back.

The northernmost part of New Zealand might not be the most popular destination for travelers. Anyhow, we definitely recommend checking out this area as well once you travel in New Zealand! Northland offers amazing beaches, waterfalls, sand dunes,  mountainous landscapes and winding small roads. Even though our road trip last just one night, we managed to see so many beautiful places. At least at this point we realized that we need to get out of Auckland soon and see more of New Zealand’s real beauty. This country has plenty of that indeed.

Mangawai beach NZ
North Cape New Zealand
Whangarei Falls
Northland New Zealand

The highlights of our road trip were unbelievably amazing Mangawhai Beach and Cape Reinga, the northernmost place of New Zealand. We were also impressed by Mermaid Pools that we accessed by wading through beaches and trekking a jungle path. For us, simply driving in amazing landscapes in the middle of sheep ranges was already an experience itself. We stopped here and there to grab a coffee and eat some food. Whenever the radio signal was working, we sang along radio songs in the car.

New Zealand blue ocean
Mangawhai heads viewpoint

After a long day, we set up our tent on a free camping site. There are a few of those around New Zealand. When we arrived at the camping place, there were two horses wandering around on the grass. The atmosphere seemed very laid-back in general. At this point. our phones had lost the signal completely. The only comfort that the camping site offered was a compost toilet. To go there, we had to paddle through a river with crystal-clear water. When the night fell, the full moon and stars lightened up the landscape. Even though we didn’t sleep that well (who produces 190 centimeter long tents, just asking), it was nice to be so close to nature after living in a concrete jungle!

Free camping North New Zealand
sushi new zealand

When we finally made it up to the north cape next day, the weather was so foggy that we couldn’t see further than 20 meters. Even though we didn’t manage to see the famous spot where two oceans meet, the place was still gorgeous with its steep cliffs and the lighthouse.

In short, we can say that Northland is full of cool things to see. During our one-night trip, we didn’t see even nearly everything. We will come back later with tips to the best destinations in New Zealand’s northern parts. This trip was definitely a good trial for our future camper life that we are about to start soon.

Have you ever visited the northernmost parts of New Zealand?


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2 thoughts on “Northland: Roadtrip to the Northernmost Part of New Zealand

  1. Heippa. Olen joskus vuosia sitten käynyt Aucklandissa ja sieltä mentiin Rotoruaan. Samalla reissulla käytiin Australiassa Sidney, Canberra ja Melbourne. Oli niin mahtava reissu ♥
    Ihanaa reissua teille. Seuraan teitä 🙂

    1. Moi! Kiva kuulla, että tykkäsit Uuden-Seelannin reissusta. Odotetaan kovasti, päästään kanssa Rotoruaan ja muihin hienoihin paikkoihin. Tervetuloa seurailemaan! 🙂

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