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It has been a bit quiet on the blog recently as we haven’t been able to update it that frequently. The reason is simply the lack of time and energy besides all the work. In our case, working holiday hasn’t definitely been much about lazing on the beach as we have worked almost from morning to evening six days a week.

Anyway, all this has definitely been worth it as our savings account start to show tolerable numbers and we’ll get back on the road soon! By then also the blog will surely awake in a totally new way.

Luckily both of us still have at least that one day off per week. That’s when we get to explore new places and take a break from the city center. Yesterday we hopped into the car with a few friends and went to spend the afternoon on the west coast of Auckland. We want more relaxed and sunny days like this please!

Pancakes breakfast
Indian lunch Hobson street

Our morning got started slowly and relaxed with many cups of coffee and pancakes. For lunch, we had some Indian curry.

Karekare scenic road Auckland

The drive to Karekare beach was a bit too much for our car brakes. We had to jump out earlier, park the smoking car and walk for a while. But luckily we did make it back home eventually. We didn’t mind walking in these landscapes though.

Karekare falls

Karekare Falls.

Karekare New Zealand
Karekare beach Auckland
Auckland beaches Karekare
Karekare beach day trip

It always feels as good to get on the beach and close to the ocean, especially as we live in a real concrete jungle. It has also been the hottest month in Auckland since over 100 years. No wonder we have been sweating at work and at home.

black sand beach

Black ashy sand.

Piha beach view
Sunset Piha beach

Gorgeous Piha beach just before sunset.

New Zealand sunset
sunset view

The perfect sunset was the cherry on the cake for our nice day.


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