About Us

"In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With"

We are Johanna and Jarkko, a Finnish couple who decided to fulfill their dreams and go travel the world. We sold our things, quit our jobs and went to explore Asia for an undefined time. Later on, the road brought us to New Zealand. Our aim is to go with the flow and let the road show where it brings us next.

Since we met each other in one of the cheapest hostels in Budapest (great minds think alike), we have traveled over 20 countries together. Before we started our big trip, we lived and worked in Poland and spent our weekends and holidays exploring the nearby countries.

We are that kind of people who use every precious moment for traveling. For us, this used to mean jumping into the bus five minutes after work and returning Monday morning fifteen minutes before going to the office. As full-time travelers we don't have this kind of limitations anymore and traveling has become a normal part of our daily lives.

Johanna, 27, has always dreamed of traveling and living abroad. When she was a child, she could easily spend hours browsing World Atlas books. She studied German-Finnish translation at the University of Tampere and has worked three years as a procurement specialist in a multinational paper company. Johanna is mostly the one behind our blog texts and loves writing and languages. She likes a sporty lifestyle and her dream is to do yoga every morning on a paradise beach.

Jarkko, 28, found traveling back in 2010 when he spent one month in France. After that, there has been no way back and he has become an experienced backpacker. Jarkko has studied paper engineering and is the one of us who also thinks like an engineer. It means that he is logical and keeps the things under control even in chaotic situations. Jarkko has a good visual eye and he can see all the small details. Therefore he is good at drawing and photographing. He is a fan of team sports and can eat huge amounts of ice cream.

Welcome to follow our journey here on Fin Nomads! On our blog, we share our travel stories and budget tips with our friends and other travelers. We are masters at budget traveling and always manage to find the cheapest options, whether it's a flight, hostel or dinner. We also like to test our limits and go off the beaten path to experience new places like locals. Every now and then we travel by hitchhiking, stay in people's homes via Couchsurfing and do volunteering.

One of our main goals is to prove that it is possible to travel on a low budget and still experience a lot and enjoy every minute. The best moments normally are the ones that happen in the most random places and with the random people you met. That's why we always try to keep our eyes and minds wide open and say yes to new adventures!


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