Budget Summary: How Much Does 10 Months in Asia Cost

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How much does backpacking in Asia cost and what kind of daily budget should you prepare for the trip? Many people who plan a trip to Asia look for answers to these questions. The daily budget depends a lot on your travel preferences but at the cheapest, you can easily travel Asia for less than 20 …read more →

How to Travel Cheaply in South Korea: Top Budget Tips

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Are you planning to travel to South Korea but you are concerned about the price level? Korea can be both an expensive and a cheap country, depending on your standards and what kind of choices you make. From our opinion, South Korea and even its capital Seoul are surprisingly affordable destinations. Of course it will …read more →

Budget Sum Up: How Much Does 4 Months Traveling In Asia Cost

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After four months of traveling it is time to review and sum up our travel budget. Are you curious to know how much traveling in Asia costs? Well, we can say that it is possible to travel Asia for only 20 euros per day, including the flights! Keep reading to learn how we have managed …read more →