Best travel resources

Do you want to travel with a low budget but you don't know where to find the best and cheapest booking sites, flights and hotels? On this page, you can find a collection of travel tips and recommendations that help you to travel on a budget in Asia or in other parts of the world.

We recommend only websites and applications that we use ourselves and that we really find useful. Some of the links are affiliate links but this won't cause you any extra costs. Some links also contain an offer! By booking trips via our links you support our travels which also means more travel tips and stories on our blog.

The first phases of budget traveling are always careful planning, checking the price level of the destination and searching cheap flights and accommodations. After this, it is much easier to evaluate the travel budget realistically and you won't face unpleasant surprises during your trip. You should take your time with the planning in order to save money and travel on a small budget.

Flight booking

We have used Momondo for years because it’s the best and most clear flight booking website. The best thing at Momondo is that it shows the flights of cheap airlines like Ryanair and AirAsia. The site is easy to navigate and you can refine the results with various settings.

Accommodation hotel booking
We have been users of for at least five years. The site has always offered the cheapest hostels and hotels and works very well especially in Europe. A regular user gets a Genius status that entitles you for discounts and other nice extras like free drinks and late check-out.

hostelworld hostels

Hostelworld has the best selection of backpacker-friendly hostels for all budgets. We use this booking site regularly and have always found a cheap and nice hostel to stay in. Booking is easy and fast and the site offers lots of hostels in Asian countries.


Airbnb is a good option when you are looking for a cheap private room or even whole apartment. With Airbnb, you get the chance to live like a local! We have found also good hostel deals fo better price than on traditional booking websites. Register through the picture link above and you will get a $35 discount for your first booking!

Get to know the destination


Numbeo is a great website for finding out the price level of the destination country. You can compare the prices of basic stuff like groceries and restaurants. Remember that the numbers are just averages but still, they give a good insight into the price level.


Wikitravel offers a comprehensive information package for almost any destination. It has often been our savior when we have searched information about destinations or wanted to move from place to place as cheaply as possible.


Travelfish is every backpacker’s basic resource for traveling in Asia. The site has detailed information about many Asian countries and lists cheap accommodations that you cannot find on any booking sites. We have used Travelfish many times in Asia.

Cheap travel gear


On eBay you can buy ridicilously cheap travel equipment like money belts and vacuum bags for packing clothes. We reommend making the order early though as the delivery time varies from a few days to more than a month.

Travel for free


Couchsurfing is our travel website number one when we want to meet locals and save on travel costs. We have couchsurfed in several countries in Europe and Asia and met up with people through the website. Couchsurfing has brought our travels on a totally new level and we have met many new friends from different countries. We warmly recommend Couchsurfing to everyone!


Hitchhiking is the best way to stretch the travel budget when it comes to moving around. Hitchwiki is our best resource while looking for hitchhiking spots. The site offers very detailed instructions and tips to many cities around the world. While hitchhiking in nine different countries, we have got to know several locals and ended up in funny situations but never had any problems.

Volunteering places


Volunteering while traveling opens up new possibilities that you would have never thought of! Besides free accommodation and food, you gain new skills, good memories and friends. On Workaway you can find all kinds of works around the world from farming to teaching languages. The membership costs about $20 per year but it pays off quickly. We have volunteered while backpacking in Asia and wouldn’t change these experiences to anything!


Helpx is another site to look for volunteering places if you cannot find a suitable job on Workaway for some reason. The layout and usability are not as good as on Workaway but Helpx is a popular site anyways. The membership fee is $20 per 2 years.

Travel applications on phone

Without this free map app we would have got lost quite many times! With application you can download almost any country map to offline and you can find lots of restaurants, accommodations etc. Thanks to the offline map and GPS, we always keep on the track. If the taxi driver tries to scam us, we catch him immediately.


We are using MyFinances app on a daily basis for writing down all the expenses. You can customize the categories easily. Keeping record of the expenses regularly makes you think more how you spend money. MyFinances is a real savior for budget traveler’s wallet.


When you travel in many countries and play with several currencies, it’s easy to get confused about all the exchange rates. We use XE Currency daily and it has proven to be a reliable and simple app with the latest exchange rates.


After we found Bookbeat audiobook app, our traveling has been very pleasant while listening to interesting books. Bookbeat is every traveler’s loyal travel buddy. Thanks to it, you can use your time smartly when you travel from place to place, whether you like to learn new or relax by listening to novels. Register through the above link and get a free 2-week trial. You can end the contract anytime you want.


Transferwise is the best service when you need to transfer money between different countries’ accounts like we do. Unlike banks, Transferwise doesn’t charge big fees and the money arrives sometimes even during the same day. Register through the above link and get the first transfer without transfer fees up to 500 pounds.

Travel insurance


We took our travel insurance at an international insurance company Truetraveller as we couldn’t have got a Finnish insurance because of living abroad. Luckily we haven’t had to try their customer service even once but we have read only good things about this company. A one-year insurance cost us about $300 each and covers many kinds of activities.